/ in a Nutshell is a marketplace for private and business users likewise to by and sell selected CCG / TCG Cards, Promos, special equipment and much more in a complete catalog, with easy ways of buying and selling fast, convenient and timesaving.

Imagine, you could access every bitz collection of all members of a community. And that is, what is all about. Buy and sell bitz, sprues and kits with some fast clicks.
There are no auctions or runtimes. All the bitz are easy to find, all the prices are transparent and easy to compare, shipping is stated. No cumbersome messaging about adresses, no insecurities at shipping because of our trustee service. - Every Bit at your Fingertip !

Bitz ? What are you talking about ?

The term bit is wargamer slang that describes simply a single part from a kit. You need bitz to complete your models, and to personalize, kitbash or convert them. At every modelproject, there are some parts left, because the kits have variants or extra parts included. These usually go to a box, the bitzbox, and wait there until they are needed by somebody. And that is where we come into play !

With bitZMarket you can transform unneeded parts into bitz you need !

How to sell ?

Selling is easy and fun, just look up the card you want to sell, choose the correct variant in the correct language click "sell this article", fill out the form and you are done. Your item can be seen and bought from all our users !

To sell an article you just look it up in the catalog. If you, for example, know the box your article comes from, just look up the box and follow the links through the sprues to the bit you are selling. We have all the article numbers, sprue codes and EAN in our system, for your confenience. After you´ve found the article you want to sell, just click the green button „sell this article“.

You are lead to our sales form, where you are able to state your price, the item´s condition, and how many of the same item you want to sell.

Need to comment the article? There is a fiell just for that.

Additional pictures, to better describe your offer? Just drag-and-drop JPG or PNG pictures on the grey field, wait for the upload and you are done.

The shipping cost are prefilled in your member area, under... (to be continued)

How to buy ? +

Buying is simple and comfortable:

Choose the products of your choice from the offers of our verndors and place them in your shopping cart. (all article pages inform you exactly whats due in shipping, condition of item, amount of available product) Now just finalize the purchase and pay for your order with your balance. The seller is informed immediately, to send you the ordered product. Comfortable and fully automatic.

When the seller sends your order to you, you are informed about that by the system. If you need this information also by mail, just let the system know, under „notifications“ in your profile.

After receipt of order, confirm the receipt in the system and you are able to rate the seller.

Commission-fee +

Like stated in the pricelist for fees we take a sales-fee to maintain the platform. This fee is since BETA calculated from the sum of all product bought plus shipping.


Is it save?

It´s as save as you choose !

All our platforms provide you with the possibility of choosing tracked/insured shipping and to use our trustee service.

If the seller is not willing to provide insured service, please feel free to buy from another seller that does, or contact the seller with our messaging system, so he adds the option for you.

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